Will you be my best friend?

How to add borders to an already loud/bold mystery quilt?   When one starts out on a mystery ride....one doesn't know where the road will end until one arrives at the end of the road!  Having said all that, it's the same way when beginning to work on a 'mystery' quilt.  The nature of the game is for the outcome to remain a mystery until the last clue is revealed. 

I was given the fabric clues and pulled some fabric from my stash that seemed to fit the clue's description. 

The next clue told me how and what to cut.  Then still another clue gave me the block construction then the placement of each block.  I cut all my fabric and stitched it up as prescribed  each month and it was getting wilder by the month until I was clueless as to why I chose these fabrics for this  mystery quilt.  It's finished.   Mystery solved?  No, not yet. 

Piney Hills Quilt Guild Mystery Quilt 2013
I want to add borders and nothing seems to be just right.  I've auditioned every possibility in my stash so my solution will be to compound the loud and bold with three skinny borders, then add the wild print as the final border.  Mitered corners, of course. 
Piney Hills Quilt Guild Mystery Quilt 2013
I'm sure they'll all be best friends before this mystery quilt top is completed.

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