Pardon the'am!

The noise is beginning to be deafening.  At first spring, we would walk out and enjoy his music.  And we still do....really!  It's beginning to make for quite the conversation for me and the HuMan.

However, his singing has been relentless.  Morning 'til night, night 'til morning.  We think he's looking for a fine feathered woman and after all these weeks, there are still no takers.  He's tried his high notes and his low notes, fast dance and slow.  He's looked far and wide.   In the words of "bobby magee"  he's sung all those songs that trucker knew.   I must admit, I love his attitude.  Never discouraged, never losing hope.  Out there claiming his space. 

We've encouraged him to find a new neighborhood.  Perhaps ours' doesn't offer what he's looking for.
But he won't budge.   Yesterday on my stroll around the back garden, looking for solitude from the pleasure of a full day,  I just lost it!  I caught myself shouting to the sky hoping he would hear me over the pipe organ he seemed to be playing, 

"this isn't the red light district you are in, now move on!  There's gotta be a fine feathered lady bird out there somewhere.  Go get her.  Give me some peace."   

He just fluttered a wing, turned his back on my suggestion and continued to sing.  My hope for the day will be that if he can't get his woman, he'll sing a different tune! 

Smile with me and enjoy the day.

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