Quilting the Harley-Davidson T-Shirt Quilt ~

I didn't go exercise yesterday, but I sure got my exercise......lifting and shifting the heavy Harley-Davidson T-shirt Quilt I started here
Tight zig zag stitch quilting on t-shirt quilt
I've been doing more of my own quilting on my domestic and decided to tackle the T-shirt quilt yesterday.  But, let me digress.  I don't like to baste large quilts - primarily because my table isn't large enough to work on a large quilt and secondarily, because my back and knees won't allow me to crawl around on the floor.  Or, maybe I have that backwards.  Okay...truth is, my back and knees are a major culprit!   So, I had one of my favorite long-arm quilters baste the layers.  Now, I have the stability I need to get the quilting job done myself. 

Tight zig zag stitch quilting on t-shirt quilt

Now, let's keep this in perspective:  It's a T-Shirt quilt.  Okay?  The T-shirts are old.  Okay?  I've already invested lots of time, money and energy in getting it to this point.  Okay?  Now, I'm ready to move on to another quilting project.  Okay?   So, a tight zigzag stitch randomly stitched in each block is working beautifully.  I'll come back after all this is done and quilt in the sashing and borders. 

While I'm not a fan of T-shirt quilts, I'm liking this one.   Here's  a pic from the design wall back in November auditioning the mustard color sashing and blue cornerstones. 



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