Garden Equipment

I try very hard not to judge others by the way they tend their front garden...BUT...that does not stop me from critiquing as I pass by. Often times I'll (mentally) trim a hedge, water the grass, make a flower bed around the house just a little deeper, push the trash can away and out of sight!! Every now and then I'll change the front door color and add shutters. Occasionally, I'll even change the color of shingles on the roof.

Dearest doesn't know I do this as we joy ride the neighborhood. So,what was he telling me when I awoke to this.

(You really must click the picture to enlarge...just to see how neatly the sharpened clippers are displayed.)
This underused garden equipment was not here when I went to bed Saturday night. Did he walk in his sleep?? WHAT is he telling me?? Are the neighbors beginning to talk? My trashcan is always out of sight? The grass is always watered. Much to my man's delight (it's a man thing) we had a sprinkler system installed several years ago (and he still gets the thrill of manually running each zone.) Yes, it can be pre-set, but like I said, it's a man thing!! My flower beds are a nice size....not too teeny and not just straight little items running the length of the house. So, what can he be telling me - do the hedges need trimming that badly!

It was a lovely afternoon to get outside. I filled that wheelbarrow 5 times and shredded each load into compost. My back ached from the misuse, but it was worth it when after a nice refreshing shower and glass of wine, we strolled around the (castle) grounds and relished in its tidy state.


  1. I always 'redo' & 'manicure' everyone's yards & homes as we walk or ride along. We just did our 'trimming' things up 2 weeks ago & felt so very good when done, all neat & pretty once again. That is the day the hornets got both of us as we trimmed the azaleas. Argh!
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. You should charge for your artistic critiquing eye. I want loveliness around me, but just don't have the eye some people are gifted with. Then, I don't have the physical ability to dig and move etc, and a hubby who farms and won't go near the home garden...too small scale and it can't be done with a tractor....sigh....I'd love your input....(smile)


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