It's A Scrappy 'Lil Doll Quilt

Met the challenge....It only measures 18" x 18". I think it's a "Put On A Happy Face" doll quilt.

You simply must click to enlarge pics to appreciate my talent...(eye roll)

The pink and green were scraps from the backs of other quilts. I've had the gold around so long, can't remember which quilt I used it in.. I was given 2 1/2" strip of kid fabric and had no clue how I would ever use it until this challenge was thrown at us by Tracy. Free motion quilted in a variegated green thread. This little quilt gave me a chance to practice my quilted hearts. I really heart this scrappy 'lil doll quilt. A fun challenge and the back was as much of a challenge as the front.

This little quilt joins another of my doll quilts of the past.

I just took a great little floral print and outline quilted in each flower. It's the binding that sassed it up a notch.

Oh yes, and here's how I used up more of that pink fabric....a birthday purse for the six year old niece, Maysen-Grace. (Don't you just love her name?) Oops, I forgot to picture the lining....that's where I used the pink that is also in the doll quilt. But you get the picture (don't you?)


  1. Oh, that's very cute! The little happy faces are darling!

  2. love the vibrant colors!

    wasn't this a fun little challenge?

  3. I'm just getting around to visiting eveyone's blogs who signed up for the challenge. I love the quilting you did on your mini!


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