Sold the Sunbonnet Sue

I get so excited when I sell one. And this sale was no exception. But, I still have mixed emotions as I box each one for mailing...happy to be rewarded for my labor of love, but sorry that I can never see that quilt again.

SunBonnet Sue quilt - hand applique
Did I have a favorite month? No, not really, but Sue truly enjoyed her April shower.  SunBonnet Sue quilt - hand applique

And, she made a beautiful June bride.
SunBonnet Sue quilt - hand applique

If I don't stop reminiscing, I'll never get this posted. Snap goes the lid...I've said my goodbyes to these little Sunbonnet Sue's all adorned in their wardrobes for each month.

Now to get on with the day. Here are three little mini-flower gardens. I guess these could be called journal quilts. I've read in places that purist journal quilters adhere to a strict 12" x 12". But being the impure person that I am, none of the three meet the journal qualification. I came close on one @ 12" x 12 1/4"!!

The other two are 11"ish by 12"ish. As 'they' say..."close, but no cigar." Good thing I don't smoke. A fun way to while away an afternoon. I stopped counting, but I think I have 4 more in the works.  

When they are this small I can group together for a summer display the way I did these three over the master's and my bed.

Love my summer breakfast fruit served up in a Pottery Barn plate

but that memory is long gone...Off to see what's for lunch. More later and hugs 'til then.


  1. Oh Marty what a beautiful quilt! One day I plan to make a sunbonnet Sue too, but I'm not sure I could part with it when I do. I hope you've taken plenty of photos!

  2. I did take lots of pictures. As a matter of fact, have made postcards out of some of them. Wish they would sell also!! Sue quilts are the most fun to make. You will fall in love all over again.

  3. I absolutely love this quilt! It's fabulous!

  4. Congratulations. I truly do believe your Sunbonnet Sue is the nicest I have ever seen. I'm sure the owner will cherish it always.


  5. Congrats on the sale of this BEE-UTIFUL quilt! It does feel so rewarding when someone actually pays us MONEY for something we enjoy doing. But yes.... we miss our quilt-children when they leave us. SOOOO, just go make ANOTHER one! (HAHA! Like it is that quick and easy??)

  6. I have made a Sun Bonnet quilt b4 but would love to make this one. So neat. Thanks for sharing


  7. Is this your own pattern?

    1. No, not my design. It's a Betty Alderman design. This one is called Old-Fashioned Sunbonnets.


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