Scrappy 'Lil Doll Quilt Challenge

I just can't resist a challenge, especially if it involves something I have a passion for. So when I found that Tracy over at From My Scrapbag is hosting a Scrappy 'Lil Doll Quilt Challenge, I just jumped right in. Now the question is will it be a little green doll quilt?

My blue fabric scrapbag isn't very full...hummmmm
Pink...what little dolly wouldn't love to be warmed by a pink quilt?

And red, maybe not.
So many choices. Time is running out. I have to get this one done by July 25. Can I quilt up this challenge in time??

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  1. Had to laugh. I'm doing the exact same thing for the exact same reason. Which of those scrap piles do I choose? Can't wait to see what everyone does!


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