Garden Vignettes

A few of my back garden vignettes - Blackeyed (?) Susans are in full bloom.
Re-purposed red wagon - filled with pot of English Ivy.
Thyme in a strawberry pot. Surrounded by mint.
I planted Autumn Joy Sedum in these little post several years ago and it comes back year after year. I'm not sure when the little ferns implanted themselves!

My garden gate and trunk of a crepe myrtle tree. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas that year. AND I was ready. I wanted two garden gates. The gates would be built around the two stained glass windows I had acquired many years before. So by the time we found a carpenter who was willing to work on such a small project, I got my Christmas present installed the following June.

And, speaking of later...I'll see you then!


  1. Love your garden and your gates! They are beautiful! Such a great idea and a grand statement....

  2. What clever ideas, Marty. Love them ... TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Marty, your garden gates are wonderful...beautiful indeed! What a wonderful use for your stained glass.


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