Photos on Fabric, Note Cards, Thread Painting

Was a busy Sunday afternoon....and yes, I do have my personal favorites.

First, I printed a photo on fabric and stitched that on a canvas tote bag. Gives it much more personality.

Then got out the paints to make more note cards.
First stamped the cardstock....let paint dry, then with pigma ink pen, sketched the dandelion!

Another stamp, another dandelion....
Peach dandelion. Why not?

Did I ever tell you I think orange is a neutral?

Nothing better than a blue dandelion... My watercolor note cards make me smile.

Then, it was back to the sewing machine for some thread painting. I haven't named her yet. It takes me a few minutes after their birth to see what name fits the personality. Would never name a child before it is born.

And, finally back to flowers....little inchies all stitched into orange fabric. Now, how should I arrange these?

Dinner was carry out!! Hope your day was also fun filled.

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