Slim Down And Save

I spent the better part of yesterday running errands....well not exactly errands. Did do a little foot work though. The pedicure was a wonderful treat.

Almost as good as a shampoo, cut and color! I had a dilemma about six months ago. five...of my very personal treats was to get a (1)manicure, (2) pedicure, (3)facial, (4)hair cut and color, and (5)shop for quilt fabric. Then the recession hit our household@!@!*$## - (Yes, those are bad words)

Tough decisions had to be made. The manicure went first...much to my long time manicurist's dismay. My hands were always in the fabric...very drying...or digging in the dirt or pulling weeds, or heaven help...doing a manicure began to be only good for one day anyway. No, I didn't immediately tell dearest so I was able to transfer those funds into fabric before he caught on to my deceptive tactic.

Next to go was the facial. I'm definitely feeling this loss. To compensate, I hold my chin up a little higher and never, never let anyone see me looking or leaning down. That way, it's not obvious to the casual looker that my skin is sagging. (And who am I fooling??) Still putting the excess into fabric, but by now, I'm beginning to feel a tinge of guilt.

Then once again I caused much anguish to my long time manicure/pedicure person when I left her local upscale salon and went to a more moderately priced shop. I was not really pleased with my first choice, so last month I went to another one and liked the reception I was given. Went back yesterday and still have a very good impression of my newest pedicure person. For the $15 a month difference, I'll stick with my newest best pedicure friend...Sometimes it's worth shopping around. Perhaps the local and upscale are pricing themselves out of business!!

Next choice was to extend my cut/color/shampoo from one month intervals to six weeks. Hold on here...this choice didn't work at all!! Quickly decided that despite the financial outcome, I could not deal with the hair in my eyes or the shadow(??) of gray at the roots.

Let's see, I'm counting three steps forward, but only one step back. Now that's measurable progress. And guilt totally caught up with me so I confessed to dearest what a devious person he's married to. Confession can be very cathartic.

Now, back to the errands I ran yesterday. Did lots of foot work shop hopping to Hobby Lobby first. I love it when they raise their prices then give ME the opportunity to find it at 50% off!!!
This folding bone should help my nails look better. I've been needing one to help me fold note cards. Not on sale!

On sale...I think these little metal barrettes will make great girly gifts after I add ribbons and feathers.
The sheen on these ribbons just drew me in. Plus, they were on sale. These will really add pizazz to the bookmarks that I love to make.

These buttons, even though not on sale, will be the perfect addition to a purse. Oh, and speaking of, here's the one I made last week. Did I ever say I have a passion for sunflowers?

Next, I hopped on over to the quilt shop. I have a plan to put this array of aqua and orange into a quilt. Hope we can see it soon.

We had a cool dinner last night. Since the heat and humidity has been relentless this summer, we decided not to do the grill or the oven thingy. I boiled an egg!!

PS...added it to dill pickle relish, mustard, mayo and tuna and stuffed two great big fresh homegrown tomatoes. Sorry, no picture...we ate every bite.

Didn't even have to run the dishwasher.

I'm off to yoga then to Tuesday fun mini quilt group.


  1. You are so funny! Where's the pics of the whole new 'do'. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Hi, Marydon, but sorry I've already slept on it. But I guarantee the "root system" matches the rest of the hair!!


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