Yes, I've been

Ethel, Lil and I made French braid table runners. We still need to trim the excess off each side, add borders and quilt, but you get the idea. Mine is on the far right and looks washed out in comparison to the other two, but in real life, it has a nice soft look to it. I think I'll add a tiny contrasting piping then come back with a soft border. We'll see.

Here are 4 of Pat's stunning finished blocks. Yes, the sewing machines really fired up the room!

And Mary completed this delightful critter quilt for one lucky child!

Mary also had enough time and a large enough table to spread this drag-along quilt and get it sandwiched and basted, ready to hand-quilt. I love it! Blue always does something to a quilt...don't you think?

And Bobbie completed her calendar heart quilt. This was a project the quilt chapter started last year and many folks have theirs completed. Mine, however, is still patiently waiting on the shelf!

Oh, there was more....lots more going on - it was just the Tuesday Bees at Camp Harris for almost four fun-filled days. Lots of gab, laughter, eats, sewing -and not enough sleeping or exercise! Got home Thursday and am just now getting my energy level back up. We'll recover and do it again in February.

Too much sugar for a dime.....


  1. What a fun time you all had. Quilting together is fun and reminds me of when I started and took classes at the local quilt shop here.

  2. They are all so pretty. The calendar quilt is especially nice. Yes, working together on projects you all enjoy is such fun, isn't it. I love all the pictures.

    Happy Sunday,


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