I totally dislike that "git r done" decal that I see in lots of trucks around here. But boy did that perfectly name this one. That is, assuming that she is the kitty and he is the get-down-get-the-job-done-dog!

On a busy day, I sometimes delete emails (even from friends.....sorry) that have all those picture attachments. This one was labeled being the animal lover that I am, decided it was worth an open. Have no clue the origin of this picture, but I thought it was worth sharing. Hey...a kiss and a face wash...never too early for either one. Love it.


  1. This is a cute photo to start a Monday morning. Also it gave me a chance to see your new sidebar... well done !

  2. I'm just picturing you... lounged back in chair, knitting in hand, watching "Blue Collar Comedy Tour". Git-R-Done, indeed!



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