It was a dreadful mistake.....

to think we could get black cat to the vet. HuMAN and I decided last week that we had tamed this abandoned cat enough to get him fixed. The vet was called and an appointment was made to get the job done this morning. We had such a fine plan to get him contained in the outside workshop. That worked just fine...he marched right in for his food. But, when HuMaN threw the towel on him, and tried to stuff him into the cat carrier, all hell broke loose!

We finally had to admit that black cat had other ideas on how to spend the day - he obviously has a little more cattin' around to do.


  1. Oh, my, I hope HuMaN didn't get injured too severely!

  2. There is my "laugh for the day"! I'm not laughing at YOU( Well, I kinda' am), but remembering some of the stunts WE have had trying to contain cats. Those darn cats can be mighty "squirrely" some times!


  3. You have the right idea -- I hope you keep trying. He'll be a much happier kitteh after the "job" is done.

  4. See if the vet will give you a sedative to put in his food. Maybe that will work...if you ever see him again.

    Hope you get it done!

    Lisa L. Kay


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