Irons for the person who has everything!

My iron went cool the other day so I ran to Fred's....a favorite local of mine that always has almost everything I want when I want it....and it's only 3 blocks from the house. Even if the car is out of gas I can jump on the bicycle and get there. Or if the bike tire is flat....I can walk. There's just no holding me back from my local Fred's store. (Does this sound like a Nancy Pelosi soundbite???) It's early in the morning and I've already digressed!

Anyway...continuing with the cool iron friends chide me because I always purchase the cheapest iron I can find. It's just a personal opinion; therefore, my opinion, that an iron is an iron. But perhaps I'm wrong....take a look at these I found at Yanko Design and form your own iron opinion. I just didn't know!

A truly portable iron...what a perfect gift for the traveler person who has everything.

Or how about this stickpin iron. I may not iron men's ties, but I can see a length of 2 1/2" cut fabric running through this iron. No, about selvages? No more wrinkled selvages. This truly is the iron for the person who has everything. Be still my heart!

I forgot to remember the purpose of the rolypoly iron, but isn't she just the jewel. Perhaps it was to prevent singeing. Yes, that was it.....never singe again.

Transparency, now that's a new twist.

In the meantime, I'll just stick to my latest very affordable Hamilton Beach from Fred's. But, you may thank me for these gifting ideas for the sewing/pressing person in your life who has everything else!


  1. I used to hate spending money on irons! But a few months ago I went looking for an iron with a stainless steel plate, spent twice as much as usual ..... but then the usual was the base model!
    Tested it on a shirt, and now it is exclusively for quilts in various stages.


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