Headed Straight On!

I'm not sure where I'm heading with this....but I'm sure it's straight on! The straight line has been snapped and the cut strips have been woven. The blue floral background has been auditioned, as has the solid ecru. Neither background has been discarded.....Yet! All I think I know is that this should become an abstract art quilt with a traditional twist. That is, I want to stitch the wovens on with a long running/quilting stitch kinda thing. I might do some trimming on the woven swatch, or maybe not!


  1. Love the colours! I work that way too; not always knowing exactly where I am going with something, but a few ideas formed. It's fun to play that way and I look forward to seeing how this finishes up!

  2. Wonderful woven pattern and perfect fall colors. I am working on a knit basket weave pattern now, too. Weave designs just feel right at the moment....


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