Changing Spaces

Oh life is full of Sunshine - Tuesday Bees at their best - We gathered at the Walker's home yesterday for sit-and-sew fun, then lunch.  What a great group (picture) is we.....

And now, the fun begins.  Madeleine has the most wonderful, very large, sun room in the rear of her home and I coveted her space!  Matter of fact, I am green with envy.  When I bounced back home yesterday, I made HuMan an offer.....I would give him back his office if he would enclose the back patio for my sewing room.  Well, of course, it was a "no dice" response. 

But the hint of having his own office space back again stayed in the forefront of his brain.  Oh, the power of silent persuasion!  After reflecting a bit, he decided that a move to an unused bed room might be a great plan.   We're going today to look for his new desk and chair.  He'll also need his own printer (we now share).   We'll take one bed out of his new office space so he'll have plenty of room.  Don't want to crowd a generous man!

What does this mean for (clever) me - I can totally rearrange to make the once shared space MINE.  More cabinet, counter top, shelf and floor space....{sigh} and {smile}....and WE can continue to enjoy our back patio as one happy couple!

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  1. Don't you just love the power of suggestion? LOL Be sure to take pictures. I made my studio by getting rid of a seldom used Guest room. Its been the best thing I ever did.


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