Website Updated..... include The Birdhouse Quilt!  I haven't come up with an original name for it yet, so it is simply "The Birdhouse Quilt." But, with or without a proper name, it went up on my website today. 

And here is how I described it:  It's a birdhouse quilt! Black and white polka dots surround six 9" x 14" individually pieced birdhouses. Then there is color.....lots and lots of wonderful, whimsical color. You may want to use this 43" x 63" quilt as a wall hanging or a lap quilt - either way, it will make you smile! Custom quilted by Hannah Marie Lee. $ 650.

Does that aptly describe "The Quilt?"


  1. So cool! I just love the bird house design.

  2. Quite the quilt. I love the black with white polka dots around the "pictures"....neat frames.

  3. This is one of the coolest quilts I have seen in a long time. I love Birds and Bird houses.


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