Divide and Conquer - an art quilt

I did as I say do: Divide and Conquer - when things are broken.....fix them or grab the scissors and start cutting.  And so it went with this wall hanging. Let me start from the beginning. Here is my inspiration - a piece of art pictured in a magazine I was recently browsing.

I didn't have the same yellow or tan as in the artwork, but using the fabric I had on hand  I was satisfied with the balance of color. On completion, well,  it just didn't work. Here's where the nothing gained, nothing lost part comes in...okay perhaps some of my time.....I cut the whole into four parts, trimmed it down a bit, stitched around all parts to preserve the borders and quilting, then pinned it back together, leaving out a section.   With a few gold pins instead of the silver, it will really be to my liking.  What!  It's fun and whimsical and fits right into my mood today.   

Here is the section I decided wasn't needed.  As badly as I hate to trash things, I think this must go!


  1. Sheesh! Don't trash it ... to me it looks good all alone!

    Judy B

  2. Very pretty. And, I agree, don't trash that last piece. There are so many uses for it, even as a pad on a table.

  3. Love the idea of hooking the pieces together with pins!


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