The post office is a big help.....

when it comes to covering boxes.  With one 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" express mail box and 13" x 32" piece of fabric and the hottest of glue guns and you've got a project on your hands.  Well, actually, as you can see, I had several of those boxes and different fabric left overs, so I got 8 of these little handies covered yesterday afternoon.  It's easier when doing assembly line....mark all the boxes....cut all the fabric....heat the glue gun....turn up the sound....and in record time, you're done!  The perfect storage place for all those magazines and how-to books I always have around.   Our quilt chapter is having a money-making sale in February....I think I'll donate these for the cause.  Reckon they'll sell? Hummmmm

 These are some pictures from the past....there just can't be too many!
Click photo to see my favorite reads.....


  1. Ah, yes, that is such a good use for those boxes. We get one or two a week as "care packages" from home from our daughter while we are sea. The boxes are always in good shape when we get them and I hate to throw them away.

  2. Is the sale for members only or for the public? I live in the area and would love to have one. Beautiful example of reuse.

  3. Oh, will be open to the public...and the more folks, the merrier so b ring lots of friends. Save the date right now...February 3, 1:30 pm at the Carolyn Rose Strauss Senior Center on Ferrand Street in Monroe, LA. So glad you stopped by!


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