I'm not complaining about quilts for sale!

Getting organized continued....organizing my completed quilts is easy - it's the taking pictures of same that just drives me up the wall.  I'm not complaining about the sunshine, really, but some days it's just too bright and there are too many shadows.  I'm not about to complain about the rain, but.....it does make it difficult to take outside pictures.  So, to help with my picture-taking dilemma, he HuMaN -

made some tall...really tall....poles to suspend a hanging rod through.  Works beautifully with the lighting system he had already devised for me. However....I'm still not complaining, but - being the neat-nik that he is, when not in use, he HumAN, likes to store all this gear in the attic.  Not only is it all out of sight, but also out of reach.   So, I have to schedule a photography session on his calendar.  We did that Sunday afternoon and took pictures of six large quilts!  Yea!... and for sure, I'm not complaining.

I'm also organizing The Blog....I now have a new blog for photography and another one reserved for "for sale" stuff...like big quilts and art quilts and purses and.....well, anything I want to put on the market!  I appropriately named this blog "Marty In Motion."  Check them out.


  1. Your left brain and your right brain are working very well together. Your left brain has everything organized so your right brain is free to create!

  2. I just stopped over at Marty in Motion - the quilts are gorgeous! Wow.


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