Photoshop Addiction!

I'm having too much fun to stop now!  Good Morning to you as well.


  1. Do we need to do an "Intervention"? Just kidding! Love what you are doing with these. You really have such creative ideas with this, things that I would NEVER think of doing, seeing ideas in ordinary shots. WOW! Me.... I am totally challenged by this digital camera age. If I can't just crop it, remove the red eye, and save it to the computer, it is beyond me.


  2. I have fun watching what you are doing, too. :) I'm usually telling a story with the images I take. You take it a step further. Very nicely done.

  3. Thanks, Kat and Lois for your encouragement. I still have so much to learn about photoshop, but it is fun letting my creative juices get flowing in different directions. Sometimes it works, others not. You don't see the ones I delete!


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