I'm prone to wander! Look out Pojagi, here I come.....

Artful Space
  What once was my sewing room has more often than not become my artful space!  But, I did find my sewing machine yesterday and made my very first Pojagi Patchwork....in muslin.....since I wasn't sure if I could!  I researched yesterday and found very little "how to" on line and since I didn't want to buy a book, I read what I could on the subject, looked at lots of pictures, a few u-tubes, then just winged it! Even in muslin, I loved the process.    I think it makes a statement hanging in my living room window and in my sewing room window too!

Pojagi Patchwork in Muslin

Pojagi Patchwork in Muslin
28" x 14"

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  1. What a lovely idea. There might be lots of possibilities with light translucent fabrics.


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