Summer Salad - A Recipe

cucumber and mango

A favorite summer salad at the Mason dinner table - very simply - chopped cucumber and dressing required.  I chop early in the afternoon and let the cucumber and mango bond.  They fall in love within a few hours.  Serve up on a chilled salad plate or in a martini glass sans the liquor!  It's delicious. 

We'll serve it up with baked tilapia and I'm thinking egg noodles.  No, then perhaps green beans or broccoli.


  1. Set a plate for me my friend!
    It sounds like a perfect summer dinner!

  2. OHHHHH, I would LOVE this, except for the fact that mangoes cause me to have blisters on my lips. I used to eat them and love them, with no problem, but not any more. This does sound absolutely scrumptious!

  3. Great recipe - so simple. I added a peach that was at the peak of ripeness and some remaining blueberries. Wonderfully simple and delicious!


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