One-of-a-kind journal cover

Her name is Collette

And she's gorgeous!

A pretty lady in a smart hat!

My inspiration picture....

You see, I know this is an original one-of-a-kind.  I have a friend who has a daughter whose name is Jody Collette.  When I first started my fabric art card series "Pretty Ladies In Smart Hats" and finished my thread sketching, I immediately named this one Collette.  I thought the resemblance was striking.  I've since sold this card, but retained the rights to the pictures.  So, now I've thoroughly enjoyed painting Collette yesterday and today for my newest journal cover.   Slide back up and take another look!  You may even click to enlarge -

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  1. This is really beautiful Marty!
    I love the wonderful tones, and the story of how it got its name.


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