When one or two (books) just isn't enough ~

A friend gave me some of her green and red cotton velvet this week and I couldn't wait to get it home and put  in one of my book covers!  Stitched with lime green thread.....lime is a neutral, isn't it? 

And as if that wasn't enough books.  It's just as easy to be painting on one as it is two and sometimes easier to be painting on three at the same time.  Duh!!! Paint has to dry in between coats.....

My inspiration picture - taken in my back garden.   This little garden angel sits in a displaced chair behind the potting shed  and ponders what each day might bring - and without fail - gives me great pleasure as I round the corner each morning with my coffee cup in hand.   I continue to allow  the simplest of things fill my life with joy!

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  1. I love what you did with these books!!
    Original and simply fantastic!


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