July 2011 Quilter's Calendar

July 2011 Calendar (as if you didn't recognize it!)
My 7th in a series of 12 calendar pages ready to be downloaded.  Just go to my Flickr page - actions - choose size to download - right click - set as background - enjoy! 

I'm a couple of days early, but I finished some of the house cleaning and just had to play.  The background is a quilt made by my good friend Ethel Moore.  I love her Americana quilt and am happy to find a good use for it here on my computer (since she won't let me have the real thing) she at least is helping me keep the spirit! 


  1. This is wonderful Marty!
    Thank you!! :-)

  2. Marty don't think this is my quilt. Not sure whose made this. Mine now lives at home in New Jersey. Ethel

  3. Oops - who made this quilt.


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