Shot Cloth - Shot Cotton - Shot Cotton Cloth!

I've seen shot cloth/shot cotton in stores, but just didn't know what it was called!  Several folks have asked what it is's a description I found online that describes shot cotton better than I can.

"Shot cloth cottons are yarn dyed, woven fabrics with one color in the warp and another color in the filling. This combination of fibers gives the fabric an iridescent look. The color changes as the cloth moves in the light. This very lightweight fabric has a luxurious hand and an excellent, full fold drape. Draperies, sheer curtains, bed skirts, toss pillows and swags."

Back to my thoughts:  while  this fabric ravels more than the cotton or batik most quilters are accustomed to working with, it has a beautiful luminous color quality. That, bar none, is it's most interesting quality.  It just shimmers with joy and certainly made me hum a joyful tune on completion of my quilt blogged about here

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