Personalized Creative Space!

I read just this morning that we should personalize our creative space and stay inspired.  Soooooo....I set about doing just that.  But first, I had to straighten, sort, trash and organize before I could get about the business of making my space become more creative.  Now, the only thing I can find is my computer!  Oh, well.....perhaps I'll be more energized and become creative by morning. 

Just look at this!  I am a quilter and I make purses too.   As soon as I find my little round templates, I'll make yo-yos to adorn a silk evening bag - or a more me style, a shabby chic day tripper bag. 

In my own defense, since I found my computer, I did edit and post a new batch of pictures at Reflections Unfurling....that's my primary photography site!


  1. I have to laugh. My space is in boxes and stacks, then every few weeks I move those boxes and stacks to another location far, far away and work on them there for a few weeks. What is this "organization" thing????

  2. Oh, Lois, I never did figure out how I am to personalize my space....(so that it can be photographed and put in a magazine!) Perhaps when I get two housekeepers and a cook I'll have more time to think about getting up front and personal with my creative space!


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