Just a glimpse of yard sculpting.....

I must be dreaming about a cooler day, a day to take a garden stroll.....

cracked and repurposed pottery - turtles and frogs love this hiding place

Recycled sprinkler pipe and vintage door knobs - a flower it became at the front door of the garden shed.

Planted copper tubing to keep the water hose out of my flower bed! 

Mirror behind vintage window frame adds depth to the back of the garden shed

Decomposing tree limb - the perfect foil for an old bird house

garden objects in perspective

You see, the back of the garden shed was just a blank wall.....until I found the old door and window frames...even attached back door steps (amost hidden from view) with a pathway leading the way.  To the unknowing eye, it's a real entry!

Herb garden with thyme and mint, black eyed susans and more.   

The Swing Room.  I killed the grass (the kind I had to mow), added stepping blocks and planted mini-mondo grass.  Why mow?  I'd rather be swinging!

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  1. What a lovely space. I love the door knob "flowers." Really cool.


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