Handmade Stamps - the frugal in me stood up!

I decided a long time ago that I would rather make my own stamps and vacation in Italy!  Here's how my day went:

First, I doodled out my stamp designs (on the back of used copy paper, of course)

Then I sketch the design on the paper side of the sticky back foam sheet making sure that the size is within the limits of my pre-cut boards

Here are my four original designs of the day!

 They join others from the past.  As a matter of fact....these four new ones are adhered to the back of the older ones. What!  Yes, you can only use one side of a stamp at a time so why not use both sides - unlike the ones we pay big bucks for in the craft stores! 

I just paint on the raised stamp design (not the wood), press into my fabric and voila - fabric like no one else's to put into a book, art quilt or pillow! 


  1. What a neat idea, and I would surely rather save the money for Italy too!! :-)


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