Invitation: Not a requirement!

I just had to do something to lighten my mood!  So, just what prompted this musing?  You see, it's because we live in a pleasant neighborhood.....

But let me start from the beginning.  Several years ago the elderly lady who lived in the corner house next to me passed away.  What a loss.  She was a dear person and a great neighbor.  As inherited property goes, it was sold by her a single lady who had three children.  As the years slipped away, this owner's  children moved on so she decided to follow.  Yep...that left the house for sale....for two years.  You can imagine our dismay at this point.  The house finally rented  last year to a lovely couple, but, now they too have decided to move on.  The house is vacant again.

I trespassed this morning.     No, I didn't have an invitation....well, I kinda did.  The back gate was open  and since curiosity had gotten the upper hand of my sanity and better judgment,  I ventured into the back garden!  Should not have done that -  it was a mess.  Now I'm having visions of living next door to a vacant house again.  I can't imagine that it could sell or rent in its present condition.   I'll just end with my muse:  absentee property owners do not good neighbors make.   


  1. I sure hope someone moves in and takes care of it soon Marty. You did get a fantastic shot though!!

  2. Yes, I hope you get good new neighbors soon, too.

  3. Marty, sorry to hear that. Hope it sells or rents soon.


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