a favorite sleeping position ~

Caught Napping!

It was a slow morning for musing!  Musing about one's sleeping position.  Martha Stewart says we should always sleep on our back!  Her reasoning - this position causes less creases and wrinkles on our face and other body parts that are crunched while sleeping in a side position.  Quiz Cat heeded Martha's advice.  I personally continue to be a right side/left side sleeper....it's no wonder I look so old!  (no comments from the snicker gallery would be welcome!)


  1. Your cat feels extremely safe, comfy, and happy to sleep like that. :)))))

  2. And does Martha also fess up to SNORING when she sleeps on her back? I wake myself up snoring if I roll onto my back during sleep! I am a left-side sleeper with a pillow between my knees, and my just-right-softness pillow under my head. I'm so picky I usually take the JRS pillow with me when I travel.


  3. Yes, Lois...she knows we'll step over her should we have a need to go out the screen door!

    And Kat....I'll just have to ask Martha that question next time we have a little tete a tete!

  4. That must mean that I am only old on my right side! lol!


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