Out on a limb!

Out on a limb? You can talk to me ~

The Recipe:  Golden matte medium brushed on one side of  heavy cardstock
let it dry completely (it's gotta go through the printer)

A Graphics Fairy image.  I uploaded into photoshop editor,  set the print size to about 5" square.  I always print from photoshop editor....I can align and print anywhere I want on my paper.  In this one I placed on the bottom right side of my cardstock.  I want it to print on the prepared side of my cardstock, so in my printer, that side goes down.  Set printer preference to 'best quality' for a heavy ink flow.  Print. 

VERY IMPORTANT - don't touch it again for at least 24 hours.  The matte medium will prevent the ink from drying completely, and that's what you want, but it must get as dry as possible! In the high humidity State of Louisiana, that's asking a lot!

.....next day
With a very, very light touch, with a very, very soft brush,  very gently apply a layer of matte medium over the printed picture brushing in a downward direction.  The liquid will slightly smear the ink so take this step very slowly.  Too much pressure will totally obliterate the image.

Allow to dry completely then trim excess cardstock.  I trimmed this one down to 4.5" x 5.5" so it could be matted and framed.  But, the reason I like to print in the right corner is....I can cut my cardstock in half (after printing) to make a  perfect notecard....ready to fold, add a note to a friend who may be out on a limb....then mail! 


  1. Marty, I have never seen anything like this, nor have I ever heard of this process. What a gorgeous result. This is truly beautiful.

  2. Love the result of this technique - beautiful!

  3. Really beautiful results, Marty! Interesting technique! Thanks for sharing!


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