Am I A Control Freak?? Or What??

Oh, yes, there are some things I really, really like to computer, my emails, my pictures....for instance.  So when some juvenile-frame-of-mind-with-obviously-no-life-person hacked my emails....I lost control, and I didn't like the feeling.  And, what's more I didn't know how to undo!  Thank goodness for that annual contract with the computer folks.  I went there and for free they told me to go home and change my passwords.  Then, I decided to change my email too.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to get all my stuff reconnected!  Every day brings me a little closer to being back in control.

 We are the team....the two of us

Some may have done this much more rapidly than see, I am a blogger, not a computer guru.  But anyway, I have high hopes....last night HuMan gave me a hug and told me how smart he thinks I am and how proud of me he is that I know so much about computers and solved the problem so well......bless his dumb little computer-degenerate heart!  My dumb little computer-degenerate heart goes out to him~ 


  1. :) I'm glad everything is getting back under control - YOUR control! Love those bookends. :))

  2. Thanks Lois....I made Ann and Andy wayyyy back in 1970ish as gifts to my grandmother. As a grandmother is apt to do, she adored my cumbersome attempt at ceramic painting! On her death, she willed them back to me and so I continue to adore my cumbersome........

  3. That is just crap being hacked. I dread the day it might happen to me. The more we are out there the more chance there is of having a problem. It is annoying but I just love technology and all the good things it does. Hope you get over it all soon.


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