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Collage No. 17 was a favorite of MBSchaeffer.   I have a slow-growing series of photo up to No. 20...that I post in my photography blog - Reflections Unfurling (as each day begins and ends.....).  Love is having more than one blog and  Flickr Friends who Favorite You! 


  1. Hi Marty! All of your work is very nice. I see you use Bernina sewing machine. I am considering getting a sewing machine, would you recommend this one to a total sewing beginner?

  2. Yes, Mira....I highly recommend a Bernina. My first one was the 350QE which I traded after a few years for the 440QE. Just recently purchased the 330 as a second machine. Love the simplicity of its features and that I can use the Bernina sewing feet back and forth between both saving feature! Great machine for beginners and beyond.


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