High Hopes ~

Yea.....I'm the eternal optimist.  I start every day and every year with high hopes.  And when I'm not downright busy, well then, I'm just busy.  I got busy yesterday updating my website and I'm liking the fresh look.  There's still a lot of adding to do but I rid the site of Etsy and added my other shopping venue - Marty In Motion.    Go check her out and let me know what more I should do.  I can use all the input you have to offer to make Marty's Fiber Musings sing out loud.

and I have to leave a picture -    this one is dubbed "and the beat goes on".....an art quilt.  I like the simplicity and fresh, modern look.   The chartreuse, well, that just gives it the vibes I wanted....when in doubt, add chartreuse (thread or paint)! 

Now I'm off to Shreveport to pick up my newest sewing machine:  A Bernina!  Every sewing studio needs two or more.  Agree?


  1. Enjoy that new machine! While at the Sew and Vac store to get a vac part I was drooling over new sewing machines. ;)

  2. Even though I've never made an "art quilt" but I certainly admire those I see. Nice job.

  3. Yes! I would love to have another Bernina 1090, which is the machine I have now. I absolutely l-o-v-e it! What model did you get?

  4. Wow, you really cleaned up the site. I will admit, being the visual person that I am, I sort of miss seeing a colorful or design-filled banner or something at the top of blogs. Have fun with your new sewing machine!


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