It's quilted and it's a simple half square triangle design: A star to remember

Lovingly called Kat by her friends and family:  Professionally known as Kathy's Fancy Stitching is my shining star today.  She just sent me these pictures of my labyrinth star half-square-triangle quilt that I started's now quilted and in the mail back to me.  It's a Debbie Maddy....Calico Carriage  quilt design.

Kathy says she was just playing around....well, I think LSU might have been just playing around with Alabama Monday night, but with all these quilted feathers and the fleur-de-lis design....I think this is more than playing around....brilliant design work is more like it. 

This is now officially one of my samples I plan to use in my "Addicted to Half Square Triangles" demonstration at the Cotton Corner Quilt Show February 24-25....West Monroe, LA.  Ya'll come and get up close and personal with this quilt and more HST samples! 


  1. Glad you like it, Marty! Once in a blue moon I really enjoy stretching my designing muscles. I can't wait to see what the others look like!

  2. Love it, Marty! Wish I could be at this year's show! I know it will be a great success as always!

  3. This is a great design, and Kathy did a wonderful job on the quilting.

  4. I love this pattern, where can I get a pattern for this.Ann


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