A Purse: A Brown Floral Messenger-Style Purse

It's almost like the day after Christmas....the build up, then poof and it's gone.   That's the way I've been feeling this week after finally finishing all my half-square triangle projects for the upcoming demonstrations.   The ones I've been working on for the past 3-4 months!   One could say I've been in HST heaven, and coming back to earth....I find that there is time on my hands with nothing on the drawing board or design wall.


The first demo will be Thursday at our quilt chapter meeting, then I move on to Ruston next Thursday to do the Piney Hills Quilt Guild program, then back to Monroe for the Cotton Corner Quilt Show.  I'm excited about this whirl-wind tour of HST's but am at odds as to what to do with myself:

So, to fill the void.....I just made a purse!  I didn't want go into overwhelm with the floral, so decided to make the bottom of the bag and the straps out of a coordinating brown.  Over the shoulder and away I go.....If I hurry, I'll only be 30 minutes late ~


  1. I'm loving your bag. It's gorgeous in those luscious brown tones.

  2. aww! that's such a pretty purse! You are soo talented!


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