I don't know a lot of things.....but I sure didn't know this!



  • Incorrect pronunciation: sherr – berrt
  • Correct pronunciation: sherr – bet
This is one of those words that ultimately had to abandon its crusade for righteousness and now has been corrupted to the point where dictionaries may list the incorrect pronunciation as acceptable because of just how rampant the ignorance grew to be. But there’s only one ‘R’ in “sherbet,” America… no matter how awesome the rainbow flavor is, there’s still only one ‘R’.
I wonder if Theresa named her table runner Sherbet how she would pronounce it! 


  1. Hi Marty - I wonder if younger folks even know WHAT sherbet is regardless of how it is pronounced!!! LOL!!! Darling quilt!! Kris

  2. We learned that one in school. We had a teacher who would immediately correct students, sometimes rather harshly, for incorrect pronunciation. Of course, there is always sorbet that is still mispronounced. And, how about "Wershington, DC?" Ah, it goes on and on!! BTW, I just LOVE sherbet and the quilt is gorgeous!


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