To Do or Not To Do The To Do List:

I had a really long to-do list today:

1.  Make North Louisiana Quilters Guild February calendar for blog. 
      Job completed

2.  Make an 'About Us' page for NLQG blog.

3.  Make  business cards with new email address:

4.  Put Winter Tree art quilt on FaceBook page

5.  New post to add Amish quilt to Marty In Motion

6.  Figure out how to use my new Pinterest board

and this is just the computer stuff I wanted to get done.....there was also clean the toilets and vacuum sewing room floor on the list: 


What was not on the to-do list was for me to stamp on fabric.....but guess what I've been doing. I have a project in mind and needed to make fabric designed by Marty! One of my favorite fabric (and watercolor paper) design stamps is the end of a toilet tissue roll. Just smear some paint on wax paper, add a drop of water, then dip the end of the cylinder in the paint then on the fabric....yep, it's that easy and that inexpensive!

Here is some stamped fabric from the past: 

and the stamp I made to use: 

Having fun doesn't have to cost an arm plus leg....just think outside the craft store expensive stamp box! 

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