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I am the proud recipient of Vicki Welsh's newsletter each month....wouldn't want to miss a single issue!

Vicki's April news was fantastic:  all about her hand dyed fabrics, projects, color palettes,  links to tutorials, and what inspires her.  And Vicki wrote last month about how she is containing her desire to roam, sharing how she is setting aside time to focus and get the job done.   I love her approach to nibbling away to a completed project.  It's always about time management! 

At the very tail end of Vicki's April news in bold type was lace.  Curious that I am and always wanting to be inspired, I clicked on the link to Polish artist NeSpool and you should too. While every post in her blog is inspiring, this one in particular  caught my eye, lace on Oak Beach....and it only lasted a week.  This, no doubt, took a lot of time and energy to make and hang these lace art pieces....and they weathered in only a week...and she seemed thrilled that they lasted so long and relished in the delight her art gave to the young and old alike in that short space of time. 

There is a lesson here.  When an artist's work is finished, it is no longer their own: The NeSpool Gallery

I'm having a beautiful about you? 

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  1. I'm so glad you liked the inspiration. I spent a LOT of time on her site!


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