I've always liked to think I was an open, above-board, honest person....agenda-right-out-there-on-the-table kind of person.  But deep down I knew I was lying to myself. Sure, I can talk a good line about the obvious, but it is very difficult for me to say out loud or put into writing, what's in my innermost thoughts and dreams. 

I've never kept a diary. And while I've occasionally put thoughts on paper, have just as quickly threw them in the trash before anyone around me could see who I am or that I feel. 

I've found other bloggers who share themselves, really share, and I delight in their ability to share without fear of judgment by the likes of such as I.

So today I ask for your indulgence while I share: 

When I cry, I cry out loud.  You can see my tears, but more than that, you hear my sobs.  You know I am in pain when I cry, because I cry out loud. 

I'm crying out loud this morning because a very beautiful person I know is in trouble.  She is only 36 years old and has much in life to look forward to, but she doesn't seem to know this. So, my dear Stephanie, know that I hurt for you and am crying out loud.

                                                                                         Aunt Mart


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