Oxalis in Full Bloom

Yes, my Oxalis is in full bloom!  But, where does it come from and why doesn't it go away like other annuals?  I've been digging this stuff up by the wheelbarrow loads and all the thanks I'm getting for my efforts is more Oxalis. It's multiplying as fast as some say rabbits multiply.  I've never had a rabbit so I'll  leave this to the experts to prove or disprove. 

But - anyway - this morning I decided once and for all to do the right thing for myself....I would go to the Wikipedia source book and see how to do something with my Oxalis other than take a pretty picture of it.

What I learned did not help me in my eradication plan.....you see Wikipedia tells me that "when escaping from cultivation outside their native range (that would be from my neighbors yard into mine), with their ability to reserve energy in their tubers, makes them quite resistant to weed control techniques."  

I'm slow, but:  I had already figured that out!

What I didn't know!!!  as I dig each tuber out in my effort to eradicate the little buggers....I'm separating each little bubil (a Wikipedia word).....it is detaching itself from the mother bubil to produce new plants.  No wonder my garden is knee deep in Oxalis!  I'm reaping what I sow. 

Wikipedia went on to tell me that there's a use for Oxalis....eat it to help reduce scurvy.  It's raining right now, but I'll be out doing my gathering a little later today.  Now that I know what I know, watch out Oxalis, here I come! 


  1. Mother Nature usually wins, doesn't she. ;)

  2. Perhaps Wikipedia could tell you how to market your crop so it's profits could benefit your stash enhancements


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