Cats Rule! We just pay the bills!

Good Friday.....and this has nothing to do with quilts or art or anything really important, however, while visiting art quilter, Kathy York's place.....Aqua Moon Art Quilt..... I was reminded that a blog post doesn't always have to be centered around a work of art or a wonderful recipe, or what we did in the past can be all about the creatures we live with and how we make our home their home. 

Kathy's been watching a lot of TV and came up with the idea to put shelves on the wall for her kitty critters to have a safe place to jump and to give them that top-of-the-world-feeling. 

The HuMan and I did that same thing a couple of years ago...on our screened in back porch, we hooked stair step chairs for our kitty critters! 

So, when they need a diversion from their inside activity:   

Diversion No. 1 in Bedroom No. 1

Diversion No. 2 in Bedroom No. 2

Diversion No. 3 in Sewing Room No. 1

They go to the back porch for an outside diversion:

Diversion No. 1

Diversion No. 2

Diversion No. 3

The big daddy diversion of them all
Pie in the sky....watching the birds fly by
Yes, cats rule!
HuMan and I just pay the bills ~

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  1. Oh how wonderful! I LOVE the stair-step chairs... what cat can resist that?


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