We aren't the silent type: she and I ~

While doing my (almost) daily exercise (the other day)....I ran across a picture/article about bullying - especially bullying lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender - and the Day of Silence to protest.  This morning....in reflection, I sketched my own poster while reflecting on the act of bullying ~

While I'm not LGBT, I do agree that those who are should not be subjected to bullying.  But, taken further, anyone, regardless of sex or sexual orientation or race or social status or income level or religion or........should be subjected to bullying. 

But, really, now....how is a day of silence going to help?  Shouldn't a bully and/or a bullying action be brought to the attention of all.  Instead of being silent, shouldn't the hurt and harm, the cause and effect  be talked about.  Talked about with enthusiasm and commitment with the expectation  that the why and how and where and when questions be answered.  Talked about at all levels, from a young age, at home, at school, at church, in town and out of town.  The bullying act should be talked about with family, parents, friends, co-workers, committees, organizations......The bully should be made public.  Those surrounding the bully should know who and what he is and what harm he has done. 

 But since I'm not the silent type, perhaps I'm not understanding how stuffing away, ignoring and pretending hurtful things don't happen is going to solve a problem. 
I once had a supervisor who said and did hurtful things.  One day I asked her "why?
 Her reply "just because I can."

Bullying, harassment, intimidation,  and control will continue as long as the power is given to
"those who can."

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