Hither, Thither and Yon

From here, past there and yonder:

It was one of the smallest villages we visited - Montone - but it was still full of activity - can't you see!  The noise was deafening in this crowded room, but never deterred, I found the perfect shot.

and made it better
now....the focus is on the simplicity of the bar and the stools

to this place
in that direction
at a distance............over yonder

Did I learn this from Mom....making something out of nothing at all.  As a child, I could go to the refrigerator and walk away thinking, oh my, there's nothing here for dinner.  Mom could go to the same refrigerator at the same time and at the blink of an eye, have a delicious meal on the table.  It amazed me through all those years that she could make something out of nothing at all. 

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  1. Our Moms must have attended the very same cooking school.

    How well I remember



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