I just walked back inside when the phone rang ~

I usually don't answer the phone if the number isn't one I'm familiar with.   Some folks call this screening.  I just call it saving my precious time.    HOWEVER, I posted some tapestry/needlepoint yarn left over from previous projects on Craig's List,
SO I knew if I was gonna sell it, I had to answer questions about it! 


 when the phone rang and it was an unidentified wireless caller....I looked at the HuMAn and he looked back, rolling his eyes at me as he went back to his book.  I  very reluctantly answered the phone.  Well, LOL and a happy dance, to my surprise, it was an inquiry about my yarn for sale. 


Okay, I'm home again and just walked back inside from meeting the most pleasant lady who bought my bags of  tapestry and needlepoint yarn.  A nice outing for my first Craig's List posting and sale.    This may be the start of something big!

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