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I've never given stealing much thought....fact is, I'm so claustrophobic that I  wouldn't want to commit a crime for fear that they would come and put hand cuffs on me and put me behind bars.  And I'm not talking about  the kind of bars where you go for a sip of wine and visit with friends.
 Hand cuffs and bars would be uncomfortably uncompromising.

I really, really do not care that my images are used in a healthy, heart felt way, with credit  given back to me and my blog.  I've had nice people ask before using my images and that makes me happy.  What makes me unhappy is the thought that my images are used by others and they claim them as their own.....which prompted me to do a little research to see what I could do to hamper these misguided folks. 

Here's what I found and it's so easy to disable those right clickers from taking our images.   This might not stop every theft, but it is a start.  Go to this site to copy this html script.  Back to your blog's design board >> add a gadget >> paste the script you just copied. 

 I personalized mine by changing function disabled  in the html to thou shall not steal..... hoping that would soften the blow to the now disgruntled thieving maniac. Save your newest add on. 

 I know we are putting that image thief out of work, but hey....somebody has to do it!   

 PS:  I probably won't keep this fail safe method on my blog.  You see, I like to share my images and my work and what I do, and I doubt seriously if anyone is making any money off my little photostream!  But, I thought it was great fodder for those who are concerned about protecting their images. 

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  1. Hi Marty, it's a great idea, and I had it on my blog. There were times when I worried about putting up a image on the internet, wondering if it would be stolen. But with Pinterest and all that fun, I did take it off.

    I watermark the heck out of my images, and they are full of metadata...hidden little notes that instantly say "THESE BELONG TO MUDDY BOOT DREAMS", lol.

    After the flurry of worry, I thought to myself if they are going to steal it, they can get around it any ways, so water mark, and meta data everything...and hope for the best.

    I refuse to read bloggers who steal images and don't ask permission, or don't credit, and frankly I think we should all do the same. If you are reading a blogger and they are not using/crediting images, tell them that's it. No readership, no blogger.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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