Top News of the Day:

New study links increased suicide to cat litter boxes!  What the....??   Has our government been spending too much money - again!   Didn't go there, but

it got me thinking back to some of the days gone past when there was more black and white....translated - that means some things are obvious and don't have to be color enhanced - no explanation is required - it is what it is! 

Such as the rose brambles in my garden

 or pojagi inspired patchwork art on the line

A day-dreaming cat on the ledge

Grandmother's bowls:  Used every day and Sunday best

and the long forgotten how-to:  handwritten notes....this one prompted by Tom and I sharing our home and garden with friends Saturday morning. 

What a delight that the top news of the day allowed me to reminisce.


  1. I think that particular study was funded in the UK. Not that we don't waste more than enought taxpayer money the $800k that is being spent to landscape my local community center. We can't afford it so you get to help pay for it. It makes me insane.


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