Piney Hills Quilt Guild of the fun

Thursday, last in Ruston: 

Hannah's program was (as always) full of punch. She brought lots of fabric newly arrived in her shop
and demonstrated how easy the Go Cutter is to use.  Intricate patterns were cut faster than I could say rotary cutter! 

And the Louisiana Chicken Festival raffle quilt is ready!  Quilt blocks by guild members and quilting by Virginia Hughes.   Just in time:

Louisiana Chicken Festival
Saturday, September 29, 2012
Scott Hamilton Warehouse
Hwy. 167, downtown Dubach
9:30 to 4:30
 $1 free

The Hanami 2011 Collection Quilts


All quilts are welcomed.....Jean Lowery 318-777-0960 or 318-548-8373 has all the details about when and where to bring your quilt entries.   Come join us for a fun day. 

Piney Hills Quilt Guild is all about giving back to the community.  Members make quilts for Life Choices and pillow cases and Christmas stockings for DART.  Here's just one of the stockings Janie made last month. 

And Mary made pillow cases.....lots of pillow cases.....a bag full of pillow cases!  I lost count ~ she said it was one of those 'betcha can't make just one' sewing days! 

and a little snippet of Show and Tell

Judy with granddaughter Autumn's very own quilt - yep, she made it herself! I would be smiling too if this were my quilt! 

and Judy Ward's Rose Cottage (I think she calls it) is a beauty, Judy. 

 Kay Defreese says she just took her currently too small jeans and made aprons.   Darling idea  and what a happy way to up-cycle that denim. 

there was more....much more, but I'll end with Virginia Hughes and her find of the day, an
Indianapolis Star Quilt Pattern.  A treasure for sure Virginia. 


  1. The raffle quilt is gorgeous, though in Australia we would call them chooks rather than chickens.
    The old pattern is a real treasure and looks like it will be cared for.

  2. Looks like this is a very active group. Need to steal some of their ideas for the Sunshine Chapter in Monroe.

  3. Yes, Ethel, it is. I'm loving their energy and willingness to contribute and give their all to support each other and the guild. It is strong and growing.


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